Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome Simply Crafted 4U as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

Simply Crafted 4U, will be providing beauty & Health  Care products and services during the Expo.

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Simply Crafted 4U, INC is an all natural Boutique Skin & Hair Care company that hand crafts each and every product. Simply Crafted 4U specializes in all natural soaps, shampoo, lotion, hair care and facial care affording consumers a healthier alternative to their skin & haircare regimen.fd30df_30276649b8a54b2a8a3b5beb6aa49a73


Simply Crafted 4U is a company that is committed to beauty and health while assisting to preserve our earth a little bit longer. Simply crafted 4U has developed an array of natural skin care products, affording you the opportunity of having another option to add to your daily skin-care regimen.

We specialize in natural artisan soaps, skin- loving butters, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, facial masks, body wash & shampoo, there is something for everyone. We understand that you want to have natural options, the ability to feel beautiful, provide your skin with luxury while participating in a sustainable lifestyle. No worries, We have you covered!

Our hand crafted soaps are formulated using the cold process method, requiring no external heat….you can rest assure knowing that all of our skin-loving goodness remains in every bar. At Simply Crafted 4U, we use a combination of high quality oils…. Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Hemp, Sweet Almond, Palm, Castor, Rice bran, and exotic butters that deliver skin-loving properties during each use. 


Our soaps are made in small batches to ensure the quality and integrity of our product. Here at Simply Crafted 4U we believe in super-fatting every bar of soap between 5%- 10%, these are the oils that are left behind after saponification, these are the skin loving oils that you will experience in every  bar of soap. We hand stir, hand cut and wrap each individual bar, giving to the uniqueness to all of our soaps. 

Simply Crafted 4U values the environment and your beautiful skin ,using only materials that are both sustainable and crafty. Simply Crafted 4U only uses natural colorants, pure essential oils, botanicals, natural exfoliates, no parabens or harsh fragrances. All of our goat milk soaps are created with a 100% goat milk, this also applies to our almond milk and other milk soaps. 

Simply crafted 4U is committed to crafting natural skin care products for everyone, that is why we offer Vegan, Unscented, Non-Colored and Nut Free products.  Many of our products are scented using only essential oils, while a few have been scented with fragrance oils. Our soaps are cured for 4-6 weeks or longer and are rigourously tested prior to selling to our customers.

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Simply Crafted 4U

370 Manhattan Avenue

NY, NY 10026

212 739-7720