Tech Merchant Profile: Visit Sophanic @ the AU Expo 2017 on 11/14/2017

We welcome Sophanic to the African Union Expo 2017 on 11/14/2017 at MIST Harlem, 46 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026,  between Fifth and Lenox Avenues on 11/14/2017 from 10am – 7pm.  CONTACT: please register at Or via Eventbrite  

 or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002 to the attend or to request further  information follow: #AfricanUnionExpo2017

about Sophanic

Greetings! I’m Socrates Okonkwo, Founder & CEO of Sophanic. At Sophanic, we design and develop web sites and business applications to create the best possible user experience. We’re ready to help take your business to the next level digitally, because we believe your vision + action = The Future!


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We are a consulting firm that specializes in user experience solutions for digital tools in order to provide organizations and their personnel an easier time to operate efficiently.

Our mission is to provide our clients a more intuitive digital environment.

It’s no secret that technology, particularly digital technology, has become ubiquitous in the work place and our daily lives. First, we must ask what is a digital tool? A digital tool is device used to carry out a particular function on the web or through software. For example, web sites and enterprise applications would constitute as digital tools.Unfortunately, not all digital tools can be learned at a proficient level, quick enough to keep up this this face-paced work environment and the information overload that inhabits our lives. Therefore, there should be more of a focus on how we can better adapt to this more digital world with the tools we have in order to improve our lives. This improvement in digital tools must first tackle the user experience that comes from using it. At Sophanic, we dedicating our efforts to come up with solutions on how to make digital tools- particularly web sites and enterprise applications easier for people to use.

Sophanic is a consulting firm that provides user experience solutions for digital tools.
Currently Salesforce and WordPress user experience design and implementation services