Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome NEGE style as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

We welcome NEGE style  to the Expo. NEGE style will be African providing innovative Fashion and products for attendees at the event.

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About NEGE style: 2016-04-07_13-45-53

NEGE style created by  Gerardine Akum from Cameroon , Central Africa, is a revolution to the African concept of dressing. She received a graduate training in fashion Design and Business management at Centre de Formation Professionel Deutou (C.F.P.D.) and University of Buea in Cameroon. Her thoughtful choice of materials, blending African prints with cotton, satin, rayon and attention to quality construction to make smart, wearable silhouette for forward-thinking women.While in school she was taught to be creative and “Live your Style”, dress to impress, make your own cloth things she never learn in high school. In her off-hours, she scoured at the fabric stores for uncommon fabric, tried, draped, made patterns and creations for herself and her sisters. Taking her outfits to the streets passersby stopped her on the street, asking her where they could buy such clothes. Being an African and growing in her society she has always been striving for distinction and uniqueness in her way of sewing African print adding lace, jeans and man-made fabrics to the African print and wax.


At the end of her 30 months training, she pursued with men’s wear  learning how to sew pants and shirts. NEGE’s playful silhouettes and elegant tailoring quickly gained a devoted following, at home and abroad, among young and old. She has presented her work at 2 major fashion shows in her country and she is multiplying clients at home and abroad, Cameroon, Gabon, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. Alumni student at the Arts Institute of New York city, Gerardine is taking her dream to a higher extend with a mix of European and African culture to have a modern look for the revolutionists African and European woman for this was her first excitement when she moved to the United States.


Akum Gerardine at 212 west 141st street New York NY 10030

at +13474903000


Agency Profile: We are proud to welcome the USPS as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

We welcome the USPS to the Expo. the USPS will be providing innovative and cost effective small business solutions for attendees at the event.

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About the United States Postal Service

A self-supporting, independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation: 155 million residences, businesses and Post Office Boxes. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.12888515_10154069312144810_559064071407089210_o

With more than 31,600 retail locations and the most frequently visited website in the federal government,, the Postal Service has annual revenue of nearly $69 billion and delivers 47 percent of the world’s mail. With more than half a million employees, the Postal Service is one of the nation’s largest employers. If it were a private sector company, the U.S. Postal Service would rank 43rd in the 2015 Fortune 500 and 137th in the 2015 Global Fortune 500 list. The Postal Service has one of the world’s largest computer networks — linking nearly 32,000 facilities and making communication possible between hundreds of thousands of employees, as well as our customers.

The Postal Service mission is to provide a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable universal delivery service that connects people and helps businesses grow. Everyone living in the United States and its territories has access to postal products and services and pays the same for a First-Class postage stamp regardless of their location.

The Postal Service has established a core set of enduring goals that guide all of its strategic initiatives and continuous improvement efforts:

  • Deliver High-Quality Services
  • Provide Excellent Customer Experiences
  • Ensure a Safe Workplace and an Engaged Workforce

The Postal Service puts information and technology at the center of its business strategies. It’s finding ways to harness analytics and insights and information to empower employees and customers. It’s also speeding the pace of innovation, and developing mobile and digital tools to play a larger role in the daily digital lives of customers. The Postal Service is already a technology-centric organization. It uses the world’s most advanced tracking and information systems to speed the flow of mail and packages throughout its network, creating literally billions of data points every day. The Postal Service is leveraging the information derived from that robust scanning and tracking to add value to the senders and receivers of mail and packages — and to create new products and services to spur growth in the mailing industry.12615144_10153937912994810_828888854269488854_o

The U.S. Postal Service continues to play an indispensable role as a driver of commerce and as a provider of delivery services that connects Americans to one another — reliably, affordably and securely, and to every residential and business address.

If you’re looking for the official source of information about USPS, please visit our homepage®.
You can also find us on:


Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome ChokoMODE as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

ChokoMODE will be Featuring their clothing collections  during the Expo.

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ChokoMODE is a unique clothing line offering individual collections of rich quality fabric for today’s professional woman whether at work or at play. Our designs are classy, sophisticated, and elegant yet boast a figure-flattering tailored fit. chokomode1

We are passionate about creating indelible first impressions for the style-functional woman. Our clothing is designed for authority and power while embracing the soft and sexy femininity within every woman.

chokoMODE celebrates the cultural essence of each piece of fabric that is globally imported and recognized in our designs.

We strive to give our customers the exclusive experience of feeling beautiful by wearing the finest garments that flow with dignity and grace for every mood.  Our brand symbolizes the essence of the well-dressed woman while offering a high-quality collection of fashion items built for the success and lifestyle of the modern working woman.  Our clothing
represents an expression of who we are as women and the perception based on what we wear.

Our fashionable collection is comprised of versatile business attire and after work evening wear ranging from business and leisure suits, alternating jackets, pants, and skirts, as well as colorful and comfortable cocktail dresses.  Our custom designs are made to compliment the career-to-casual minded wardrobe and embody confidence with detailed
feminine appeal worthy to compliment any woman of any size. chokomode2

Welcome to chokoMODE!

About the designer

Marcelle Gakam proudly hails from Cameroon, Central Africa before transplanting to the United States.   Driven by her passion for fashion, she sets up chokoMODE headquarters in Houston, Texas.  Now residing in New
York, the fashion capital of the world, and taking courses at FIT, Marcelle is determined to make her original chokoMODE brand of style and apparel a worldwide standard of the fashion industry.

According to Marcelle, the name “Chokomode” was inspired by her grandmother’s name Choko,  but decided to add “MODE” to emphasize the unique spirit, culture and heritage of strong professional women across
the globe.  Thus the tagline, “dressing the professional woman with elegance” was born.

Influenced by her French-African roots, she was compelled to build a brand from the ground up that spoke to sophisticated women from various backgrounds, ethnicities and walks of life. chokomode


Tel: 855-552-4656

social media (Facebook & Instagram): @chokomode

Marcelle Gakam
220 WADSWORTH AVE #203, NEW YORK, NY, 10033
Social media: @chokomode

Ceo/Designer @chokomode


Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome Zuri-Laini as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

Zuri-Laini will be providing beauty & Health  Care products and services during the Expo.


Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002

Zuri-Laini’s mission was and always wlll be to create products that are synthetic-free, and safe for every skin type. Using extracts, and herbs that are pure and natural is vital to having and maintaining healthy skin. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body much like the foods you choose to eat,. That is why the utmost care is taken in the preparation of all products which are created in small batches to ensure their quality and pureness. Please choose natural and organic ~  health & wellness ~ That is what Zuri-Laini offers. 1ff474_b686fd442c004088848c8f29d62d5fa4-mv2_d_3264_1836_s_2

                  Thank you –  your skin will definitely thank you


A native of Brooklyn, NY with roots in Barbados, An educator (MS. &  Ed.S ) with a love for the outdoors, nature and natural/pure healthy foods and products, especially in the products that we feed our body both internally and externally.  Handcrafting soap, creams and other products is not just a hobby or past time, but one of the most important endeavors that I have undertaken.  The purpose of making handcrafted soaps initially was to create beautiful fragrant and chemical-free products, but soon I found it much more important that others understood why and how using them is so important to their overall health over an extended period of time.  My products are made in small batches to insure the quality is  always consistent.  Hot process soaps can be created in a 24-48 hour time frame  Cold process soaps made upon request require a longer curing time and usually ship within 3-4 weeks to insure freshness.

Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome Simply Crafted 4U as a merchant to the African Union Expo 2016

Simply Crafted 4U, will be providing beauty & Health  Care products and services during the Expo.

Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002


Simply Crafted 4U, INC is an all natural Boutique Skin & Hair Care company that hand crafts each and every product. Simply Crafted 4U specializes in all natural soaps, shampoo, lotion, hair care and facial care affording consumers a healthier alternative to their skin & haircare regimen.fd30df_30276649b8a54b2a8a3b5beb6aa49a73


Simply Crafted 4U is a company that is committed to beauty and health while assisting to preserve our earth a little bit longer. Simply crafted 4U has developed an array of natural skin care products, affording you the opportunity of having another option to add to your daily skin-care regimen.

We specialize in natural artisan soaps, skin- loving butters, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, facial masks, body wash & shampoo, there is something for everyone. We understand that you want to have natural options, the ability to feel beautiful, provide your skin with luxury while participating in a sustainable lifestyle. No worries, We have you covered!

Our hand crafted soaps are formulated using the cold process method, requiring no external heat….you can rest assure knowing that all of our skin-loving goodness remains in every bar. At Simply Crafted 4U, we use a combination of high quality oils…. Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Hemp, Sweet Almond, Palm, Castor, Rice bran, and exotic butters that deliver skin-loving properties during each use. 


Our soaps are made in small batches to ensure the quality and integrity of our product. Here at Simply Crafted 4U we believe in super-fatting every bar of soap between 5%- 10%, these are the oils that are left behind after saponification, these are the skin loving oils that you will experience in every  bar of soap. We hand stir, hand cut and wrap each individual bar, giving to the uniqueness to all of our soaps. 

Simply Crafted 4U values the environment and your beautiful skin ,using only materials that are both sustainable and crafty. Simply Crafted 4U only uses natural colorants, pure essential oils, botanicals, natural exfoliates, no parabens or harsh fragrances. All of our goat milk soaps are created with a 100% goat milk, this also applies to our almond milk and other milk soaps. 

Simply crafted 4U is committed to crafting natural skin care products for everyone, that is why we offer Vegan, Unscented, Non-Colored and Nut Free products.  Many of our products are scented using only essential oils, while a few have been scented with fragrance oils. Our soaps are cured for 4-6 weeks or longer and are rigourously tested prior to selling to our customers.

Instagram: Simply Crafted 4U

Twitter: @4usimply


Simply Crafted 4U

370 Manhattan Avenue

NY, NY 10026

212 739-7720

Agency Profile: We are proud to welcome Minority Business Center Bronx, NY to the African Union Expo 2016

The Minority Business Center Bronx, New York, will be providing business, consulting and related services for small businesses during the Expo.

Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002


The Minority Business Center Bronx, New York, is one of two centers in the New York area, and of 33 centers throughout the nation.

The Minority Business Center Bronx, NY is operated and managed by the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO).  SoBRO’s business programs have a proven track record of providing assistance to minority entrepreneurs since 1972.  These programs, in conjunction with the staff expertise of the Minority Business Center, will allow for comprehensive assistance to minority businesses across all categories.

Our Center is committed to providing business owners with the knowledge, skills, and access to resources they need to grow and prosper.logo_mbda

Through strategic and community partnerships, as well as our business assistance programs; such as: PTAC, M/WBE Technical Assistance, Industrial Business Zone program, EAP and Credit Inc. (CDFI), we ensure that entrepreneurs not only reach their goals, but excel beyond them.

The Center’s staff of business professionals will continue to grow strategic relationships with banks, loan officers, city, state and federal agency staff, chambers of commerce, and private sector companies to provide the broadest selection of opportunities for success in the local and global economy.



555 Bergen Avenue, 3rd Floor- Bronx, New York 10455

T 718. 732.7580 F 718.292.3115

Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome Behind The Curl. as a Merchant at the African Union Expo 2016

Behind The Curl, will be providing Hair Care products and services during the Expo.

Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002


Behind The Curl, sells organic hair/skin products for men and women.Behind The Curl is based in Harlem, New York and also sells their products  online at Behind The Curl’s products are made in the US with 100% organic raw shea butter and essential oils. They are designed to soften hair and skin and to moisturize and seal the hair cuticle. cropped-btc-logo-for-wordpress1


Behind The Curl, can be reach on  social media via  @behindthecurl on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Email Address:


Mailing Address: 330 E 109th Street #6D New York, NY 10029


Phone: 646-765-1390


Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome Vivere chocolates as a Merchant at the African Union Expo 2016

Vivere chocolates will be providing samples highlighting their  chocolates and other products and services.
Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002


Vivere! pronounced (vi-ve-re) meaning: TO LIVE!

Vivere is not only the name of the company but the very premise the company is founded on. In a world where distraction and despair can easily consume your day, we choose to celebrate life and live it on our own terms. This coupled with our love for amazing chocolate has lead us here. We worked with seasoned chocolatiers to develop a line of confections that we are proud to bring to you. It is said that time is the one true luxury and we believe there’s always time for chocolate. 

Our artisanal chocolates are handmade using a premium blend of all natural, 70% chocolate and fresh cream ganaches, which are crafted out of a blend of cacao beans from Africa, Central America, and South America.

Contact Us

We love to hear from our customers!Contact our Chocolate Shoppe to place an order by phone, inquire about a product, or request a catalog.

Phone: 908.509.1848


Standard Hours for Telephone Ordering and Inquiries:

Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm Central Time
Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Central Time

Vivere Corporate Office:
210 High Street.
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Hackettstown, NJ 07840
 on Twitter! If you have an urgent inquiry. it’s better to email or call us.

Facebook: slideshow_1-1
Connect with us on Facebook to hear about our new products, promotions, contests, tasting events and more.

Merchant Profile: We are proud to welcome The Harlem Brewing Co. as a Merchant at the African Union Expo 2016

The Harlem Brewing Company will be providing  beer and food pairings with African & Caribbean cuisines highlighting the alligator pepper  and other spices in the their products.
Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002

Celeste Beatty and her team are a minority women owned business that has been doing great things since their inception. The product are now carried by FreshDirect & WalMart which speaks volumes towards their journey and success.

More details on the Harlem Brewing Company are below:


the first brews were made in her studio apartment right across from Marcus Garvey Park. She’d finally opened the gift of a home brew kit that sat in the closet for several weeks (that might explain why the first brewed weren’t such a hit). So, she kept on brewing, never giving up on perfecting her recipes. After challenges trying to open a local brewery, she took her home grown recipes to Olde Saratoga Brewery, working closely with Paul and Chris, both fine brewers, Beer (1)bottling her flagship Harlem Brew-Sugar Hill Golden Ale. On June 19, 2001,none of the packaging materials were ready so recycled beer boxes were gathered. With the amazing support from family, friends and neighbors (Uncle Arthur drove a Penske truck full of the first batch of beer over the river and through an upstate area called Harlem Valley back to 125th Street), Harlem Brewing Company launched at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

visit for more information HBCLogo

Health Services Profile: We are pleased African Services Committee (ASC) to the African Union Expo 2016

We are pleased to announce the support of the African Services Committee  (ASC) for the African Union Expo 2016.


ASC, we be providing Health, awareness and testing services during the expo.

Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002

African Services Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and self-sufficiency of the African community. We provide health, housing, legal, educational, and social services to over 10,000 newcomers each year in New York City with a focus on HIV prevention, care and support. We also work on the frontlines of the global AIDS epidemic; operating five clinics in Ethiopia and through advocacy and policy work in the U.S. and abroad.


Learn more at