African Union Expo LLC, and Go Africa Network Inc. are proud to present the first African Union Expo event to be held in Harlem, NYC.

This one-day event is open and free to the general public.

The objective is to highlight and reinforce the economic, political and social ties between the African Union Member countries inclusive of region 6 (The Caribbean) and the United States of America. The Expo will bring together businessmen and political leaders from across Africa and the United States to exchange views and news on promoting trade and investment opportunities across a range of targeted range of sectors between the Africa and the U.S.

This expo is an opportunity for government entities and companies of all sizes – small, medium and large – to engage, interact and acquire formative knowledge on doing business between Africa and the Americas, leading to demonstrable results and revenues in the evolving future.

Topics and breakout sessions to be covered during this one-day Expo event are as follows:

        • Doing Business in Africa
        • Doing Business in the U.S.
        • Working with the U.S. Import/Export Bank
        • How the U.S. Government is helping to Develop African Countries
        • Setting up Business Partnerships with U.S. Businesses
        • Women Business and economic development
        • Raising Financing for Your Business
        • Importing and exporting goods to/from Africa and the U.S.

The Expo will also be a platform for government and business leaders to detail their plans and policies in the trade and investment arena for Africa, while engaging in dialogue for future possibilities and prospects.

Timeline for event:

        • 11am opening ceremony
        • 11:30am Opening panel for Q&A for trade and investment in Africa
        • 12 noon break
        • 12:30pm Breakout sessions
                • Session A: how to do business with Africa
                • Session B: Doing Business with the U.S.
        • 1:30pm Breakout sessions (working Lunch)
                • Session A: Women Business and economic development (Africa)
                • Session B: Women Business and economic development (U.S.)
        • 2pm: Speech by Dignitary
        • 2:30pm Breakout sessions
                • Session A: importing and exporting goods to/from the U.S and Africa
        • 3:30pm
                • Session A: working with the Import/Export bank
                • Session B: Securing your business for success (Financing Trademarks, legal, etc.)
        • 4:30pm
                • Session A: Manufacturing and exporting goods/services from Africa to the U.S
                • Session B: Manufacturing and exporting goods/services from the U.S. to Africa
        • 5:30pm
                • Closing ceremony
        • 5:300pm – 7pm (Networking and happy hour)
        • 5:50pm – 7pm (The InnovateHER competition @ the African Union Expo 2015 )